Solo Coastal Sailing

stroud in yellowI have been sailing for more than 45 years and for the majority of the time I have sailed alone. Not because I am antisocial but because I enjoy the solitude and the freedom to sail whenever and wherever I choose. I have never wanted to cross an ocean or sail non stop for days at a time to prove myself and be challenged by storms and high seas, just to modestly sail along the coast to another safe haven or make a short sea passage of no more than 60 miles. If you would like to sail single-handed, either for the same reasons or because you can’t always find crew, maybe some of my experience will be useful to you. Through this website I hope you will gain a little more confidence or try a new technique and make more passages alone. I have always been surprised by the lack of books covering this type of sailing. Most single-handed sailing books are about epic storm-lashed frightening long distance ocean voyages. They do make for exciting reading but do not help people like you or me with our type of sailing. Sailing alone is not that much different to sailing with crew in that the basic techniques of sailing and navigating are the same. The real difference is in the planning, preparation and details. I assume you can already sail and navigate! Most of the information is compiled in a downloadable pdf file in the form of an eBook that you can read at your leisure from your computer, tablet or phone. If you don’t know what a “pdf” file is, don’t worry, it just means the e-book is in a form that will work on almost any digital reading device. I make a small charge of £4 for the file to recover the cost of maintaining this website. Alternatively, you can buy my book in Kindle format or as a paperback from Amazon, click in “My e-Book” link above. The Book has 135 pages and over 23,000 words and covers the following topics:-

  • Which boat is best?
  • Type of rig
  • Deck layout
  • Below-deck layout
  • Safety equipment
  • Organisation
  • Human limitations
  • Passage planning
  • Boat/sail handling
  • The essentials (legal stuff)

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Latest News!! My book is now available as a paperback from Amazon!